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What should I expect during our design consultation?

You’re excited, it’s time to get those ideas you have found on Pinterest, seen on HGTV, or seen in a magazine that you are ready to put in your home.  We’re excited to work with you and bring these ideas and dreams to life for you!  Every project needs to start with a design.  We have had our initial phone conversation with you regarding the project and have a very good understanding of what has you motivated to do this project, your timeline, and what your expectations are.  Now it’s time to bring in the designer and get a physical picture of what you want on “paper” or digitally and make the selections of the finishes.  So what does this process look like?

To begin with we will come to you.  We are going to take a lot of pictures of the existing space.  We’ll use our iPad to get a 3D image of the space and then we’ll sit down with you and go over all the details.  If you need help deciding between a couple of different styles/genres of looks (Modern, Rustic, minimalist) we will help with that as well.  These appointments usually take between one to two hours.

Once we have the information we need we’ll head back to the office and begin producing the renderings for you.  This takes between one to two weeks to produce depending on the scope of work that was determined in the sit down meeting.  When we send you the renderings with the selections made, you’ll also get a firm price quote to produce the project.  This will detail out what will be changed in the space, what materials will be used and what the expected time frame will be to complete the project.

Once you look over the renderings and project scope of work you’ll be asked if you want to move forward.  This is the time to make any changes to the scope of work or materials.  Once we have a construction agreement all these materials will be ordered, permits will be pulled based on the designs and plans produced and any changes after that will have major implications to both the investments amounts and the schedule to complete the project.  These changes can be very costly and come in the form of the dreaded Change Order.  Change orders are not necessarily bad, but they usually mean that there will be either cost increase, a delay in completion or both.  To avoid these it is important to take our time in getting the design and the selections ironed out at this stage of the process.

The design consultation is a both a fun and exhausting time.  It is fun because we see the start of your dream becoming a reality.  It is exhausting because it seems to happen fast. And then its over.  And then you wait.   But don’t worry, while you’re waiting and staring at your renderings on the refrigerator door, we’ll be busy ordering the materials, working with the building department to get the plans approved, and putting together the construction schedule so when the materials arrive, we can hit the ground running with limited down time during construction.

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