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How much will it cost?

The top question is almost always the bottom line, what is this remodel going to cost? It doesn’t matter if it is a #kitchen, #bath, #remodel, or even an addition to the house, more than 50% of the cost of the remodel will be up to the homeowner. Does that surprise you? This is why having a budget in mind is important before you talk with a remodeling contractor or designer. But the good news is this puts more of the control in your hands. Let’s dive into the things that drive a budget.

First, is the design. The complexity of the design will add both time and cost to the project. It comes down to the details, and those details can be tricky, from difficult layouts to making the cuts just right. So give some thought to the space that you want to remodel, are there a lot of corners, and angles that might add complexity to the project?

Second, materials. The quality of materials you choose will determine how well they will work with the complexity of the design. Higher quality materials don’t just look nice, they also tend to be easier to work with and can help the contractor get things put together quicker. So whether it is flooring materials, or cabinetry, using better quality materials will help with the final look, but will also add additional cost to the budget.

Third, appliances/fixtures. Just like materials, the quality of appliances and fixtures you choose will have an impact on the final budget of a remodel. And again, the better the quality, the easier they can be to install and the more money you can save on energy or water efficiency. The finish on the appliances or fixtures can also have a big impact on the budget. The trendier the finish, the more it will add to the budget.

Fourth, adding or removing walls, plumbing, mechanical or electrical. These can sometimes become required due to local building codes. If this comes up because of the age of the home, know the contractor is not necessarily trying to bleed you for money. When you hire a contractor to do work on your home, there are certain laws they must follow including pulling permits and bringing certain things up to code. How extensive that is will be determined by the local building department, not the contractor. But these things need to be added to the budget in order for your home to stay protected. Keep in mind the age of your home, and the condition of things such as adding a room that will need to have heating and air delivered to it, might require a larger HVAC system to service the new room and the rest of the house properly.

Fifth, the extras. Got to have that crown molding or the taller baseboards? That latest style of wall texture or the bathroom floor heating? These extras while they give your room a very nice and complete finished look and will need to be considered for the final budget.

According to the Cost vs Value Report 2022 ( in the Sacramento Metro Area, the average cost of a midrange bathroom remodel is $30,074.00. An upscale bathroom remodel is $89,530 on average. A minor kitchen remodel averages $29,911 and an upscale major kitchen remodel averages $164,238.00. So it is important that when you start thinking about remodeling, that you consider the reasons why you want to remodel, and know that you have a lot of control over how big the budget is. It is the job of your contractor/designer to help you stay within that determined budget throughout the project.


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