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How much will it cost to remodel a Bathroom in 2024?

Do you walk into a dark, dank and cramped cave of a bathroom every the morning?  What is it like trying to share the space with your SO?  Would it be the end of the world to treat yourself and your family to an inviting oasis, where relaxation and cleanliness met?  Maybe try a different color on the walls, or on the floor?  Maybe it’s time to finally remove that preformed tub and replace it with that soaker you have been dreaming about!  Last week we talked about the Kitchen, now it’s time to talk about the other most important room in the house, your bathroom.  With the right understanding of what things cost you can figure out how to get the great look and style you’re looking for, with a budget you can live with.  So, how much will that Bathroom project cost in 2024?  Let’s start again, by looking at what goes into the costs.


If you are planning on tearing everything out and starting with a new empty canvas, that will add significant costs to the overall budget.  Especially if that includes changing locations of plumbing, or adding new plumbing, electrical, and framing.  If on the other hand, you’re happy with the layout, and want to upgrade things, that will help keep costs down.


Next is the quality of materials.  If you are planning on this being your forever home, spending more on higher quality materials will serve you well long after the contractors have left. If this is more of a stepping stone home, going with builder grade or just slightly above builder grade will get you through to the next home while helping to add resale value to the current home.

Custom vs. Semi-custom:

Like materials, the quality of the craftsmanship that is used to assemble and fit finished cabinetry or tile layouts into the space is also a factor of the project.  The older your home the more it can add as walls, floors and ceilings rarely remain square forever.  Additionally the more custom the look and finish of the items (cabinetry, counters, tile work, lighting) the more labor intensive the overall project will be.

Square footage:

Square footage determines how much of the new things we can put in/on the space.  Rarely do contractors price a total project per square foot, but it will have some influence on the overall price.

Does location matter?


Location does matter, not so much which street you live on, but more what state or region of the state you live in that will have an impact on the cost.  Generally the State of California has a higher cost of living than most other states in the Union.  Within the state there are various areas that have higher or lower cost of living and access to supplies and materials.  These variables will have an impact on the cost of the project.  Generally, in Yolo County were we serve, our prices are impacted by the two neighboring regions of Sacramento and the Bay Area.  The main reason is because of labor costs.  These two regions are close enough that we have to compete with the wages being offered in their locals to attract and maintain labor locally.  Within Yolo County, there is little variance of costs, so you can expect to see an identical project in Davis cost very similar in Woodland, or Winters or even in West Sacramento.

Now that we have taken a look at what goes into the cost of a project, lets get down to some actual numbers.  We’ll look at what a Luxury, High End Custom, Semi Custom and a refresh of a kitchen would cost in Davis, CA.


              • Complete redo of the layout
              • Luxury Marble/Quartz vanity counter top with a waterfall miter edge
              • Custom shower layout with rain fall shower head
              • Custom cabinetry and storage space
              • Luxury marble floors and shower
              • Japanese Soaker tub
              • Updated lighting
              • Under cabinet lighting
              • Backlit mirror
              • Wall mounted toilet/bidet
              • Ventilation fan with lighting and bluetooth speakers

As you can imagine, the sky is the limit when comes to the features and amenities of a fully luxury spa style bathroom.  These are just some of the options, and that is just scratching the surface.  Because the sky is the limit on what can be done, so is the limit of the budget.  A luxury bathroom remodel will start at $75,000.00.  The average cost is $125,000.00.

High End Custom:

                  • Complete redo of the layout
                  • High End Marble or Quartz  vanity counter top
                  • Custom shower layout, tiled Porcelain walls and mosaic floors, with two niches
                  • Custom cabinetry and storage space
                  • Updated lighting
                  • High End Flooring
                  • Marble or Quartz backsplash to match vanity countertop
                  • High end toilet or bidet

With the complete redo of the layout and upgrades to the plumbing and electrical a remodel of your space can add elegance and create a more functional design to help keep things clean and tidy.  Add a sense of elegance that will impress your friends and overnight guests.

A project of this nature can run as high as $106,000.00. A project on the smaller side could run as high as $68,000.00.

Semi- Custom:

                  • Removal of all existing features down to the stud frame.
                  • Keep existing layout of plumbing and electrical
                  • Shower with Mid-grade marble or tile for wall and floor
                  • Mid-grade quality Marble/Quartz or hard surface vanity counter top and backsplash
                  • Semi-custom cabinetry and storage
                  • Mid grade flooring.

Here is where the layout stays the same with regards to the plumbing and electrical.  Upgrades can be made to the fixtures and appliances to help give that higher end look and feel.  Overall a Semi- custom Bathroom will run as much as $85,000.00 and can be accomplished in a smaller bathroom at $55,000.00.

Bathroom Refresh:

                  • Keep existing layout
                  • Keep existing cabinets
                  • Update countertops with stock hard surface or stock grade Quartz
                  • Update plumbing and electrical fixtures, including sink (exchange vanity with pedestal sink)
                  • Update flooring with vinyl plank flooring
                  • Update with tile backsplash
                  • Paint or re-stain cabinets
                  • Fresh paint on the walls and ceiling

A bathroom refresh is a great way to get a fresh feel for the space when the layout works for your needs.  Some updating can be accomplished and for a larger foot print bathroom a refresh could be as much as $58,000.00 and on the smaller end, as much as $20,000.00. If you like your vanity and countertop, you could be looking at an overall budget of $6,000.00 depending on total size of the bathroom area.

Other items to consider:

Remember that codes have changed, and there are certain requirements that are mandatory to do when doing a renovation/remodel of your bathroom.  These code requirements are not always thought of when homeowners think about changing their counter tops for example.  When you do that, the electrical and the plumbing all have to be brought up to current code in all municipalities in Yolo County.  It is the responsibility of the contractor to pull the required permits and to have the required inspections done.  Because certain projects will trigger additional code compliance to be brought up to date, it is important that even though it may seem like a small project, when you work with a general contractor, they will be responsible for insuring the project is up to code.  Another factor to consider is the age of your home.  Older electrical and plumbing can add a surprising cost factor to any project.  It is always a good idea to talk with a knowledgeable contractor who can help guide you through the code requirements in your city or town.  They can help you plan what will need to be added to bring the project to code and will help explain the process to you if you need that.

Lastly, regardless of your budget, there are ways to get the look and feel you are dreaming of.  A good contractor and designer can help you bring those dreams home.  Often times it is helpful to talk about your budget with your contractor.  Let them know what you are wanting to spend on the project and have them help you make the decisions on costs to achieve your desired results.

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