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How long does it take to Renovate a Master Bathroom and why?

Ready to take a sledgehammer to that shower of yours?  Well not so fast.  How long will you using the bathroom down the hall with the kids?  A bathroom renovation can take anywhere from 3 to 6 weeks of construction, depending on the a few factors like square footage, types of material finishes and what upgrades are being made.  Add the design and ordering of materials, and your total project can take an additional one to four months, depending on where materials are coming from.  That’s a long time you say, yes that’s a long time.  So how can this all be done as efficiently as possible?

Great question!  Working with a professional or a team of professionals who have experience in designing, planning and building these types of projects is usually the best advice.  Many of our clients choose to use our local suppliers to get the materials they want, which can help speed up the start time of the project.  But if you really want to get things moving fast get a design finalized so that your contractor can submit the applications for permits with the local building department.  These designs are the first step in the process after selecting which professional or professionals you will be using.  Permits are the second step.

Once the design is completed, we can order materials while waiting for the building department to approve the permit.  Then once the permit is approved we can make sure we have all the materials in hand before start of demolition.  Having the materials in hand allows for a more seamless transition between stages as we won’t be waiting on the materials to arrive.  Once the progress inspections are approved we’ll be able to move on to the next step, very quickly.

So a couple of things to consider when thinking and planning on doing a large master bathroom remodel: where will you be showering and getting ready for work and bed while this construction is going on?  Will you need a temporary toilet set up while the bathroom is under construction?

An added benefit of working with a professional is they can help guide you through these processes, help you think of potential pitfalls or challenges that may need to be considered and help with plans to work with those challenges or avoid them altogether.  A major remodel can take a lot of time, having a plan of what to do during that time, is key to success of the project.

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